WOLVES…HERE I GO AGAIN (but not really).

This isn’t as much a rant about wolves as it is about the importance of thinking for yourself. A friend of mine suggested I use the comments that I make on Pro-Wolf pages as fodder for this blog but taken out of context they wouldn’t make a lot of sense. I have, on occasion, suggested that an individual making obviously ridiculous, uninformed, and baseless comments do a little research into what he or she is touting and my usual opening line is “Don’t educate yourself with propaganda or statements from either the Pro-Wolf side or the Anti-Wolf side. Take the time to research the work of the Yellowstone folks, Arthur Middleton, or countless other knowledgeable people and independent studies before you form your OWN opinion.” Yes, some of the elements of these papers don’t paint the wolf with a glowing brush (they are, after all, carnivorous predators) but you must also consider all that is written about the value of these creatures in nature…have an open mind as t’were, leave the fairy tales between the covers and read the facts. This is what I did and my decision to be actively involved with the pro-wolf camp is based on my own research, not some guy claiming a wolf chased his grandmother from a bus stop in downtown Lansing (really?). My research has also revealed that quite a number of responsible hunters are already pro-wolf and more are coming over all the time. A couple of hunting associations, a cattleman’s association, and some outfitters (smart businessmen who now offer “Camera Safaris” to combat the decline in hunting) have either switched to the pro side or are at least experimenting with methods of cohabiting with the wolf. These are people that are bucking popular peer opinion and taking the time to understand the situation and make up their own mind on the matter. Although normally I provide links to sites where I get my information I won’t this time. Let that be part of the homework assignment.

I’ve used the wolf scenario to properly punctuate a point (alliteration isn’t dead…that’s just a rumor too) and that point is to keep an open mind…about everything. From White Wolf Moon:

“People are sheep Jennifer. They follow far too willingly. They need to hear someone say ‘I will take care of you, I am here for you…I will love you’ and it really doesn’t matter who promises these things…politicians, religious leaders or extremists…they will follow.”
“But these people must identify with something or they wouldn’t be the followers you say they are.”
“Someone says ‘let me show you the way’ and a lot of people get in line without any clear idea of where they’re going. They identify with something that they’re told to identify with and overlook the truths that each of us has within. You can believe all the abstract philosophies and teachings you want but it’s all for naught unless you believe in yourself first.”
“But isn’t this what these philosophies are supposed to teach us?”
“If you believe in yourself then why do you need them?”
“To appreciate the person you believe in?”
“You’re already doing that by believing.”
“To find comfort in a higher power…maybe the philosophy of one?”
“Or the combined philosophies of the all that make up the one.”
Jenn raised her arms. “Oh hell I don’t know…this is starting to get confusing.”
Evan laughed. “I’m playing with you here Jennifer, I don’t read that stuff. I’m not sure what any of it means and honestly, I don’t care. Claire would be the one to get into that discussion.”
“For someone who says he’s not sure you seem pretty certain.”
“Not really. The biggest problem for me is the way some people throw themselves into these philosophies. They give one hundred percent without leaving room in their minds to consider the possibility that there may be something else out there, something better for them. I’m not knocking any beliefs or faiths…I’m just saying that it’s important to keep your mind open. The bottom line when it comes to any form of spirituality is that if it works for you congratulations, that’s all that matters. I simply believe in being true to yourself. Once you do that you can be true to anyone and truth trumps everything else.”
“Even love?”
“There can be no real love without truth.”

ginn2White Wolf Moon on facebook

One comment on “WOLVES…HERE I GO AGAIN (but not really).

  1. Mike Grant says:

    I received a rather emotional comment that I couldn’t approve due to language and, well, stupidity. There’s a censored version on the White Wolf Moon facebook page if anyone is interested. If there was ever any question why I dislike this anti-wolf crowd this should answer it.

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