I wrote the following nearly forty years ago. I’m not sure where I was going with it but like most of my writing from those olden times I must have had a premonition that one day I would look back and wonder. It is what made me look back that interests me.

I wish I could remember what blog I was reading recently that referred to the “new wave” of young indie-authors for I would certainly provide a link. It was one of those writings that, like jalapeno peppers, comes back and bites you long after consumption. I appreciate it when something that someone has created can do that. They plant a little seed in your mind and after sufficient germination the message blossoms and you realize that what was written has become a part of your thoughts. I would however hasten to add the word “current” to the term “new wave” because as far back as I can remember there has always been a new wave of sorts, whether in music, art, or writing. It also applies to science, technology and life in general. What was “cutting edge” a few years ago has long been forgotten, replaced by new ideas and products from new wave thinkers and designers.

Waves are like that. There’s always another one on the way.

The writer of the blog questioned why there seemed to be more of these new creative voices today than ever before. While I was surprised he didn’t provide the simple answer I considered that this might have been his way of making me think about the question. The internet has provided a platform and for good or bad anyone can now publish their message. Everyone has a voice and everyone has something to say.

All you have to do is listen.

I’m pleased to be a part of this community and who knows…one of my books might just be the one to ride it to shore. Like Brian Wilson said…catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.


Within the shadows, without the light, unicorns prance while pan-pipes lay a bed of hushed harmony.  Fragile butterflies flutter between stone turrets resting only briefly amid rich ivy as they flit their way across sunlit castle walls.

Within the light, without the shadows, there is honesty and truth. It is called ‘reality’.

Some say it needs no creative process to survive. Simply put, all that is experienced is all that there is. There are no unicorns.

Between realms there lies a better world. A delicate blend of truth and dreams where fabled creatures, when called upon, may exist. A mixture of warm imagination and cold reality. Sprinkles of hope and guidance spiced with seasoned knowledge and understanding. Gently stirred and mixed yet somehow keeping separate the shadow and the light. This delicate blend of truth and fantasy…of realists and dreamers. Each needs what is unique to the other. Reality requires the elasticity of imagination to stretch boundaries and expand horizons. Creativity needs reality to temper dreams into possibility. Without the other, each suffer.

Where once they sailed the ocean blue, today they sail through darkened space, one daring to dream and one daring to try. Together they have reached the stars.

Reality lasts a lifetime.


Mike Grant is the author of three novels. “White Wolf Moon”, “Barking at Yesterday’s Moon”, and “Fergus”. Visit his Amazon page to find out more.



From “Of Old Men”:

“Oh,” Marie said, “speaking of new things…remind me to give you Evan’s cell number in case you ever need to get a hold of him.”

“What? Mister rotary-dial has a cell phone? I thought he hated them.”

“I got it for him. He’s always taking off on his walks or little road trips and was out of touch for hours at a time. I finally insisted that he have one.”

Jenn grinned and pulled her phone from her purse. “What’s his number?”

“It won’t do you any good…” Marie pointed to the kitchen counter. “It’s over there. You can lead a horse to water….”

“Then what’s the point of having one?”

“He’s accepted it, he’s just not used to packing it with him all the time but he is getting better. Plus watching him trying to figure out how to use it was worth it in entertainment value alone.”

This was one of the first scenes I put together for my sequel to White Wolf Moon months ago. Evan has always been the traditionalist and doesn’t welcome new technology easily so I thought the introduction of something as commonplace as a cell phone would add some new wrinkles to the character.

At the time I wrote this I didn’t have a cell. While I appreciated the convenience and value they might offer, I never wanted one. Now, as of two weeks ago, I have a cell and for the same reasons that Marie states in justifying her giving one to Evan. It seems the family decided that I should be able to be contacted in case I choose to wander off (which I tend to do) so my wife came home, dropped the cell on my lap and said, “Get used to it…here’s your new number.”


Okay…I’ve dipped my toe into the vast ocean that is the Twenty-First Century but that’s as far as it goes, at least for now.

I find it amazing how many people I’ve talked to that are already trying to get me to upgrade. They usually tell me it’s “because you can do this, and this, and this.”

I don’t want to do that, that, or that. It’s a phone. Yes I message and to me that’s a practical thing but I don’t want all those other apps. I’m only toe-dipping, remember?

I pressed one icon and find I’m on the internet. Recently I have managed to set limits on my internet usage. I check email, facebook, and blog in the morning then I shut the computer off by about 10:00 am. Occasionally I’ll turn it back on over lunch but usually it’s down until after dinner. I found the amount of time I was spending on-line could be put to more productive purposes so I certainly don’t need the temptation strapped to my hip. My next task was finding the tool icon and disconnecting WiFi.

Back to texting…this I find useful. My son in Alberta and I share the same collecting addiction. On a recent trip to Kelowna I found a few things I wanted to share with him so I texted (complete with photos). At one point I found myself wandering through a mall working that little keyboard like crazy and I realized that I had become one of those geeks I usually laugh at. You know those folks with their eyes focused directly on that small screen, bumping into pillars and people?

Then I stopped for lunch at A&W. I remember when going to A&W was a treat…an exception. It was a good time that happened rarely and thus it was special. My sister and I would sit across from our parents and talk about all kinds of things.

Last week as I sat and consumed a Grandpa cheese loaded my cell was tucked in the holster. It buzzed once but I was eating…whoever it was could wait. I glanced through the restaurant. In the booth across from me was a family of four. Dad was on his cell talking to someone and mom was, I assume, texting. A girl perhaps fourteen was also texting on her phone while the boy who appeared to be six or seven was playing on a tablet. The family unit…together but not really.

Welcome to the 21st century.