Within the shadows, without the light, unicorns prance while pan-pipes lay a bed of harmony.  Fragile butterflies flutter between stone turrets resting only briefly amid rich ivy as they flit their way across sunlit castle walls.

Within the light, without the shadows, there is honesty and truth. It is called ‘reality’. Some say it needs no creative process to survive. Simply put…all that is experienced is all that there is.

There are no unicorns.

Between realms there lies a better world. A delicate blend of truth and dreams where fabled creatures, when called upon, may exist. A mixture of warm imagination and cold reality. Sprinkles of hope and guidance spiced with seasoned knowledge and understanding. Gently stirred. Mixing yet somehow keeping separate the shadow and the light. This delicate blend of truth and fantasy…of realists and dreamers…of life and unicorns.

Each needs what is unique to the other. Reality requires the elasticity of imagination to stretch boundaries and expand horizons. Creativity needs reality to temper dreams into possibility. Without the other, each suffer. Where once they sailed the ocean blue today they sail through darkened space. One dares to dream…one dares to try. Together they have reached the stars.

Reality lasts a lifetime.