One of the 12 bags removed from my lawns….

I spent two days de-thatching my lawns. Well, eleven hours over two days to be more precise. I’ve never de-thatched and I realized on Monday that hours of sprinkling resulted in little pools and streams all over my semi-hilly back yard. When I dug down into the grass and under the damp thatch I discovered pretty much dust. I knew what had to be done. The machine did the de-thatching, probably in two hours…the rest of the time was spent raking and cramming thatch into 12 large orange trash bags. Aside from feeling incredibly proud that I managed to get said 12 bags into my Ford Focus to take them to the compost site I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment every time I look over either of the yards and see the positive results of my labor (and many aching muscles). The thing about de-thatching is that it’s the kind of job that leaves you plenty of time to think.

As I was raking up the nasty stuff that was preventing the good stuff from getting to the roots of the grass I realized something. I’ve been having trouble concentrating on my sequel to White Wolf Moon. I have a lot of ideas and I have plenty of notes but finding the brain-space to get it all together and onto the laptop is difficult. I have far too much other stuff going through my mind and it has settled in all those little wrinkles, corners, and crevices which (aside from being a rather disgusting image) is preventing me from accomplishing what I want to accomplish.

Perhaps I need a bit of de-thatching myself.