My 2nd LIFE….

Shortly I’ll be fully retired. The bookshop I work for will close the doors. It has been my second life for a dozen years or so and this will leave quite a space to fill.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to prepare myself for this by doing something I’ve wanted to do for many years.

White Wolf Moon describes the life of the lead character Evan Morris…back then and now. To a certain extent I actually lived his life in the sixties and now I get a chance to try and live it as he does today. As he says in the unfinished sequel: “If my life was a novel I’m editing the fourth revision for the fifth time.”

I tried to retire about five years ago but ended up working three days a week so I usually have four days where I have the house to myself. I figured it would be easy to just slip back into the old ways. Not so.

My 2nd life doesn’t kick in until after I’ve checked email first thing in the morning. Then I shut that computer down and work on my laptop which isn’t hooked up to the internet (the laptop has replaced the pens and writing pads of the olden days). Staying off the main computer has been the toughest part of adapting to this slightly different lifestyle. I didn’t realize how many hours I spent with facebook and the like until I stopped doing it. I also realize how undisciplined I’ve become with regards to time management…another area that needs work but it is getting better.

My 2nd life involves writing, mostly the sequel to White Wolf Moon, and music. I’m back to “playing at” guitar. I’m not very good at it and have never professed to be. It’s something I do for myself. I’ve made that activity a little more complicated by trying to write some songs as Evan would be doing today but it’s still a pleasant diversion. I’ve also realized that maintaining this blog is a little more time-consuming than I thought it would be but I consider it an important part of where I am now so it becomes an integral part of the writing.

I still need that on-line time to follow what’s happening with the book and to keep in touch with those that are following me but I’ve restricted that to an hour or so in the evening.

I’ve already noticed a calming effect. I feel much more relaxed now and upon reading back some of what I’ve written I find it smoother and more thought-out much earlier on in the process than it usually is. This 2nd life…is good.

By the way the picture of the rabbit above has nothing to do with this post. Her name is Pasta and she’s my bunny-buddy. She’s actually my grandson’s rabbit but their landlord decided that they weren’t allowed to have rabbits in the apartment so she ended up at grampa’s house, which is fine by me. How she got her name was one of those wonderful accidents. My daughter was sitting on the couch with the yet-to-be-named rabbit on her lap when my grandson sat beside her, held out his hands, and said “Pasta bunny.”

She’s a tad cranky these days because she likes sitting with me and watching hockey games but with the lock-out….

Anyway time to wrap this up and break the 2nd life rule to post this.

Thank you to all for the ‘likes’ & follows!!!