….actually the insides are up too…finally! ‘Barking at Yesterday’s Moon’ is now available on Amazon as a trade paperback.

It’s been a learning experience but I’ve figured out what NOT to do the next time around. I’ve learned that the most important three words in writing are proof, proof, proof. When I got the initial download I immediately checked for those nagging formatting errors and found quite a few. Pages containing only two words, justified lines with far too much space between the words or blank pages where the ‘page-breaks’ were too close to the bottom of the previous page…fun stuff like that. While going through this process I discovered a few errors not related to the formatting and changed those. The second time through I was looking for those little mistakes and found three, one of which made me shudder. It was the use of “your” instead of “you’re” which is one of those things that drive me nuts, like “their” and “they’re”. Such simple mistakes but such unallowable mistakes. I found nothing on the third proofing but did a fourth anyway. The lesson to me was to do the proofing in a different format than the full page Word document. Switching the text to the format in which it will appear gives a different perspective and it’s surprising what it reveals. While I still have to select a portion of ‘Barking at Yesterday’s Moon’ to use as a preview I consider the final upload to Amazon a bit of an accomplishment.

With this part behind me I’ve returned to a manuscript I worked with for a few months, one I really wasn’t fussy about originally. Perhaps it was the time I spent away from it while putting this one to bed but I’m feeling better about it now. I can see so many possibilities and directions and I’m looking forward to diving back into it.

For now though I’m getting caught up on blogs and facebook…and maybe a little yardwork.

4 comments on “COVER UP…..

  1. sknicholls says:

    Congratulations! Now…market, market, market…the REALLY fun part. 😉

    So glad things are coming along well for you. I pay someone to format for me to assure it’s done correctly…I can’t deal with that headache. I do recall all the self-editing, even hiring an editor this go around, I have found unacceptable things in the final copy that had to be corrected.

    • Mike Grant says:

      About halfway through the process I found myself realizing how easy the whole vanity press thing was. I didn’t have to worry about all the picky things but that certainly had a price and also ate up a fair chunk of the royalties. I’m glad I went through it all now though. As for editing…I ran a book club for a couple of years and there were some pretty famous authors that had glaring mistakes in their books so I still think the self-edit is the way to go even though it takes a lot of time and concentration. I also had a couple of people proof-read for me early on in the process and they found a lot of little things which made it easier for me in the long run.

  2. JP McLean says:

    I used to do digital proofs, now I order a copy and do a read through on paper. Even after betas and proof reading, I always find something. Congrats, Mike. Another milestone.

    • Mike Grant says:

      Thanks JP…I downloaded the pdf with full intentions of printing it out but decided I’d do an on-screen proofing. The lesson I learned there was to highlight the changes I made so I would know which things I’d corrected on the second and third go-rounds. Ah well…it’s all experience gained.

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