This wasn’t the post I originally had set out for today. That one involves character development, change of plot lines and other assorted writing thoughts but I have been lead astray by one of those little ‘slices of life’ that occasionally crosses my path. Following is an unfinished blog post I wrote in early September:

“While picking up my grandson from school today (a semi-regular occurrence) I was treated to an interesting display of tax dollars at work. I was leaning on the fence around the playground when a large white cube van pulled into the field behind the slides and climbers. Three men in hi-vis vests tumbled out of the truck and walked over to one of the ramps leading up to the castle-like structure. One fellow knelt down and spun one of the letters the kids hold onto whilst navigating their way to the top. It was the letter ‘e’. He spun it a few times then walked back to the van and retrieved a wrench. The other two workers stood on either side of the structure and waited while the first fellow came back from the truck (about a forty-foot hike), tightened the ‘e’, and tested it again. Then they all marched proudly back to their vehicle and left the scene. Why it took a large van and three burly workers to tighten one letter I don’t know.”

That was as far as I got as I couldn’t see the post going anywhere after that.  I didn’t want to get into the politics of civil servants or unions or whatever the reason behind what I considered to be a waste of man hours/money so I elected to let it go. However…


Earlier this week I was waiting for my grandson in the usual spot when a smaller white van pulled into the field behind the playground. This time two men in hi-vis vests crawled out and walked to the climbing incline. One of them spun a letter. Déjà vu…it was the ‘e’ again. I can understand that. The letter ‘e’ is the most used and often abused letter in the English language so I can see that he would go off his nut more so than his twenty five brothers and sisters. I watched as, once again, one fellow walked back to the van to get a wrench while the other stood guard. I wondered why there were only two guys this time. Maybe they knew it was that rascal ‘e’ again and knowing that ‘e’ is generally a soft letter they figured they wouldn’t need all the backup that they’d sent out the first time. Ah…that first time. Seems to me something like this should only require a first time so perhaps they should be rethinking the repair. My suggestion would be to replace it with a lesser-used letter…like ‘z’. Kids don’t use ‘z’ as much as they use ‘e’ so that should solve the problem. Maybe not…but a 5 cent locking washer might…or even a shot of Loc-Tite. I assume either solution would be cheaper than sending two or three guys out to tighten a nut. Even with the reduced manpower this time the ending was the same as the first. A quick twist of the wrench, a spin test, and then off to tackle the next catastrophe or get a coffee to celebrate a job well done. See ya next month boys!

Okay, silly rant over. I leave you with a link to Patrick Jones’s blog. Patrick is another that has always supported me even to the extent of promoting ‘Barking at Yesterday’s Moon’ before I had uploaded it. I invite you to check him out but pour a coffee before you do. He has so much entertaining and informative content on his site that it could take you a while. Thanks Patrick!!!



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