First…pardon my venting on the previous post. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the photograph and while I usually sit back and think about my approach to an issue before commenting this time I just charged ahead. Had I thought a little more I probably wouldn’t have uploaded it.

This is the good (and bad) thing about social media. Anyone can have an opinion published and sometimes that opinion is based solely on emotional outbursts. Sometimes comments are part of an agenda and, depending on the author, this agenda can take on a face that might not be representative of society in general. Events in Ferguson have brought about a glut of comments definitely emotional and opinionated on social media…mostly without reference to the facts released in the evidence documents.

I too was going to share my thoughts on the situation in Ferguson but I wanted to wait until I knew more about it. This morning I read a lot of the evidence presented to the Grand Jury and I’m still not sure what I think. At this point the way I see it everyone involved is both guilty and innocent. Regardless of certain eyewitness testimony (most of which was retracted after the evidence came to light) the forensics prove that Michael Brown did attempt to take Darren Wilson’s side arm (powder residue/bullet inside the car door) but I do question the extent of the “assault” on this police officer. The fact remains that Brown was trying to get the weapon and that’s enough for me to justify Wilson’s response. But, as I said, both parties are equally guilty in my eyes. The number of times Wilson shot Brown seems unnecessary. I feel that a few less bullets might have saved a life so, from that aspect, I feel the guilt falls directly on Wilson. I must also point out that my not being there and never having experienced a like situation makes it difficult for me to judge exactly what went through either Wilson’s or Brown’s mind during those terrible moments.

Perhaps if I take the time to read all the evidence I might have a clearer understanding of the situation but probably not. In this case it’s not about the evidence or the news stories and interviews…it’s about people and their environment.

I’m a white male living in Kamloops B.C. and I’d never heard of Ferguson until this story broke. I have no idea what it’s like to live there therefore I would expect (and rightly so) that my opinion would be lightly passed over by anyone who is from Ferguson.

The behavior of the citizens (a small percentage of them) after the decision was announced left a lot to be desired. It was a knee-jerk reaction on a grand scale and while I don’t for a moment believe that this was supported by the majority of people from Ferguson it is the face presented to the world. I can’t believe it was the good citizens that took away the livelihood of the families who live in and support the community with their businesses…those families who faced the cold morning reality of their burned-out buildings. There is no doubt that the people that created the mayhem would have done so regardless of the Grand Jury outcome. These are the few who want to raise hell and are determined to destroy any hope of peaceful protest. Unfortunately people like this have been around forever. Fortunately they are still the minority.

I believe Ferguson will pull it together simply because they have to. Perhaps some good will come of this debacle not only for Ferguson but the entire country. It certainly won’t make this story any more palatable but it might provide the impetus needed to forge ahead with discussion and action to create a world where stories like this become fewer and fewer, eventually disappearing from those 24 hour news channels.



One comment on “FERGUSON

  1. Dormis Aeternitas says:

    I would have rather not seen that photo of the lion but what you say is true. As for Ferguson, it is hard to say what really went down there. Many mistakes were made and after the event the police were even giving reporters a hard time. Sadly there torched their own city and destroyed businesses own by people who had nothing to do with what the police did. This kind of lawlessness shows that they have no respect for anything and that makes people far less sympathetic to their cause. Dr. Martin Luther King did not believe in destruction and accomplished more with peaceful protests than I believe these looters will accomplish with what they have done.

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