It isn’t often that a photograph can piss me off instantly but this one did.


It isn’t just the obviously over-fed entitled s.o.b. proving his manliness by canned hunting in this photograph but the plethora of such stories as of late. Elk gather to feast in a field and the word gets out. Up to 30 hunters surround the animals and just start shooting…same happened in Grand Teton National Park where a couple of dimwits ‘hazed’ another herd of elk until they ran into a circle of hunters sitting on the roadside, guns at the ready. This is NOT hunting…this is mindless slaughter. Outfitters who trap wildlife and put a bullet into their feet so they can’t run from those high-paying “clients” when released into a secured area are less human than the animals they destroy. Thankfully a few of these knuckle-draggers are getting caught and charged but I have to wonder how many are never found out. Even when they are caught it usually amounts to no more than a slap on the wrist and a misdemeanor.

Animal cruelty (both wild and domestic) is running amuck and as a society we are failing not only the animal kingdom but the ecosystem and future generations of humans. I’d like my grandchildren to grow up in a world with wildlife in the wild, not just stuffed replicas in museums or misplaced creatures in zoos. I’d like them to find the respect for wildlife that I was taught and as much as I try to instill this in them, the rest of the world in general seems to be losing that respect.

Pipelines through fragile habitat, hunting derbies (with dollar store trophies and cash for the biggest animal shot, the most animals shot…etc., etc.), wetlands infused with industrial waste, and governments opening the way for big oil and lumber to further rip through our forests and public parks is…well, just a sign of the times.

Oh and don’t bother to protest. Do you remember when civil (and peaceful) disobedience was not only okay but expected? Keep that thought in mind while the RCMP hauls you away. And no, I’m not blaming the cops. It’s those big corp-execs behind desks a thousand miles away that can’t deal face-to-face with people that I blame. They’re the shadow folks that requested the police attend the soiree. I’m sure each of those officers has somewhere else they’d rather be.

As for the two-ton self-serving piece of trash proudly propped up behind that lion…never mind. I should sign this off before I really lose it.



  1. Dormis Aeternitas says:

    very depressing!

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