RECOGNITION: The other day a cute young girl was checking me out. I’d love to leave it at that but…she was behind a till and was actually checking out my groceries and no, “groceries” is not a euphemism. The woman in line behind me really was checking me out though. She stared at me for a minute or so then asked me if I was the guy who wrote that book about hippies. I thought it was pretty cool that she even recognized me let alone commented. I told her that I had written it and we ended up in a sweet little discussion about how much she enjoyed the story and in particular how much she loved Evan Morris, the lead character. She even has a copy of the newspaper article that was done for the launch that she keeps folded in the book. She bought her copy at the signing (which is probably why she kept the clipping) and has read it twice with the intention of reading it a third time. Even more cool was hearing her tell a couple of other people in line (and the cashier) what it was all about and how much she liked it. I, of course, just let her go on but I also made sure everyone in that line-up had one of my publishing cards. This is one of those little things that sometimes happen that really means a lot. Ah, the price of fame…warm fuzzies for me!!!

RETIREMENT: This was to be the subject of a previous blog but, like life, something else came up. It baffles me how I managed to get everything done around the house plus write White Wolf Moon while I was working. When I retired I figured that writing the new book and getting all the household chores done would be a breeze time-wise and I’d be able to spend a good deal of my life this way:DOIN

Not so. It seems the more time I have the less I get done. The house has reached an age where there are all kinds of niggly bits that need attention, much like me. Right now I’m learning how to patch and seal a deteriorating concrete pad in my back yard and even though eventually I’ll probably build a wooden deck to go over it, it still needs to be repaired. My first lesson learned…bags of cement are heavy. Yes I could pay someone to come in and do it all but I’m much like Evan Morris in this respect. I’d rather do it myself.

RECREATION: For a little diversion I like to rip my Twin Hammers RC truck over the rock pile and around the yard, usually while I’m waiting for the kitchen floor to dry. I went through at least thirty photos before I got the one below. All I wanted was to have the custom wolf motif in focus but the entire truck body being sharp and clear was a bonus.HAMM

P.S.: Finally a quick touch on the wolf issue, not as much the issue as the people involved. I have on a few occasions given my opinion of those not-so-nice anti-wolf folks and it’s time that I recognize the other side. My side.

Pro wolf people are generally some of the nicest people I have met, as much as you can meet people on-line. They are well-spoken and educated about their passion. Some are artists, poets, song-writers or photographers and are pretty damn creative when it comes to their work. They all seem to be down-home folks who are totally unique individually but as one in their love of nature. Oddly enough the traits and attitudes they possess oft times mirror those of the characters in White Wolf Moon so I suppose it’s no surprise that I identify with each of them in some way.

So to all my on-line wolf-luvvin’ buds…thank you. If you’re ever near Kamloops B.C. let’s do lunch…and maybe haul a little cement?

4 comments on “POT POURRI…3 Rs & a PS…

  1. JP McLean says:

    What a hoot being recognized. That must have been fun.

  2. Diana Stevan says:

    Meeting you through Jo-Anne, writing process blog. What a pleasure. Great anecdote. I’d be the same way, delighting in any recognition of my writing. I know what you mean, about time. It is fleeting and you think you can get a lot done.

    As for your book, a curious thought. I just read your post this morning and yet, last night, I dreamt of wolves. My husband and I were driving by some sort of half wooded, half residential area, and there were these lovely wolves just resting on their haunches (do wolves do that?) on the boulevard. There were two in one spot, and a couple of other ones further down. I have no idea why I dreamt about wolves and I’ve done some dream analysis in the past. Strange life we live.

    • Mike Grant says:

      Hi Diana!
      Yes I’m pretty new at this blog-teaming-up-thing so it’s nice to hear from you.
      It is pretty bizarre about the wolves and yes, they do their share of “haunching”. They say that to see a wolf in your dream symbolizes survival, beauty, mystery, self-confidence and pride so take that as a good sign. My book isn’t as much about wolves as it is a character study of the Sixties…the old hippie happens to have a white wolf-cross as a companion.
      I’ve just finished up building/painting our backyard deck which took a few days longer than it should. This Kamloops heat really slows things down, especially old guys like me. But I should be back on track with the blog starting tomorrow…
      Wonderful to hear from you,

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