I’m working on a satirical interview that features real questions from me and actual responses to the same questions taken from some of the comments on those anti-wolf pages. Over the past year or so I have visited these pages and copied some of the more inane contributions and kept them in a file simply called “Stupid Comments”.

Yesterday I decided to use some of these in what I hope will be an insightful blog post that explores the mindset of this segment of the population. I have been side-tracked however…

I didn’t realize how many I had saved. I started reading through them and it just kept on going, to the point I had to warm my coffee. I also discovered that reading them as a grouping has made me rethink my usual “get a giggle out of it” perspective. What was once a singular uneducated comment suddenly becomes part of an essay exploring a side of the human condition that is, at best, unbelievable. It’s frightening that this many people who have no knowledge of the subject matter blindly use a social media outlet to publicly embarrass themselves through their lack of communication and English skills. It’s also a study into group paranoia. One page posted a story that any fifth-grader with a basic knowledge of wildlife could pick apart but this piece of fiction rallied the troops without any question as to the authenticity of the piece. It was shared everywhere and garnered countless cries from obviously easily manipulated minds that felt the world needed to hear their oft times undecipherable opinions.

I like facebook although I don’t understand “standards” where it’s okay to show videos of wildlife being gutted alive and human torture but a woman breast-feeding is a no-no. There is however value if you choose to seek it out. Old school friends find each other or adopted kids reuniting with birth parents are a couple of examples. I chose these two because they both, in a way, apply to me. I’m now in communication with a junior high school buddy across the country and I was also re-introduced to my son from a previous marriage after forty years. With just one click I ended up with three more grandchildren.

Search almost any topic on facebook and there are pages that will inform or entertain you written by knowledgeable folks in a mature and friendly manner but like everything else in this world there is the other side. These are the people that inhabit the shadowed alleys in the ghettos of the online community. I have the choice to avoid those alleys in real life and I realize that I have the same choice online so suddenly I’m rethinking the interview I mentioned at the outset.

I no longer comment on their pages but when I did I prided myself on being calm, emotionally detached, and providing backup links to everything I said while avoiding the name-calling and useless rhetoric. By writing this ‘interview’ am I not doing what I find childish and deplorable in what they do? Would my posting an overabundance of what boils down to mere gibberish accomplish anything? To some it might provide a laugh but I suspect to most it would be an unnecessary assault of their senses and sensibilities.

Yes…I shall place that pot on the back burner.


2 comments on ““SOCIAL” MEDIA??

  1. sknicholls says:

    Sometimes I spend a couple of hours writing a perfect post, read it, and park it. Just wouldn’t pay to go there.

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