More Odds & Ends (mostly odds)…

Clean up time.

The kitchen renovations are still going on although I’m down to painting the cabinets so I suspect this chore will be over soon. It’s actually looking pretty good. One disaster though…I broke our new microwave. I was opening the door and my hand caught the upper lock and bent it back so now the door won’t close. A lot of my issues are due to a lingering cough and fever that has pretty much laid me up for a week….but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve created a monster with the sequel to my book ‘White Wolf Moon’. At one point I was down to one scene left then a wrap-up but I chose to try a little something different to add some drama and now the ideas are flowing. One scene became two, two became four, and so on. Now that I’m up and about again I hope to settle in and get this thing done.

There is an advantage to being stretched out on the couch nursing the flu…it gives you time to think. I had the laptop beside me and any time I envisioned various scenarios for my characters I’d type them point form. I’ve realized this was a good idea as when I read them back I didn’t really remember coming up with the idea so without the laptop they would have been gone forever. Some of them are a little over the top but mostly there’s some pretty interesting stuff there.

I worked on an emotional scene for a couple of hours last night but went to bed leaving the widow of one of my characters in a state of confusion. I lay there trying to sleep but I was feeling badly that I’d done that to this poor woman. My first task this morning was to put her mind at ease. It’s funny (and sometimes a little scary) how close we get to our characters.

And finally, over the last few weeks I seem to have raised the ire of some of the anti-wolf/wolf hunting crowd again. As I haven’t posted anything to any of their sites since last summer I have to assume they lead pretty dull lives. I’m directing this to “Mr. Crockett” who, along with a couple of others, dared me to approve some pretty inane and disgusting comments on one of my wolf blogs. Very simply “Mr. Crockett”, I have no problem posting any comments on my pages. I use my real name and I am quite easy to get in touch with…which you already know. I would post your comment (deleting the playground name-calling and threats because, well, I have a certain amount of class) if you’d grow a pair and give me your real name and contact info/links (blog, facebook, etc.) to post publicly so that others could see what I deal with on a regular basis. It’s easy to be a big man when you’re cloaked in the anonymity of the internet. Be brave “Mr. Crockett”…get the goods to put your real self forward and stand behind your somewhat skewed convictions. Being a nameless skulker does nothing to validate any argument you may think you have. You can disagree with me all you want…just keep it clean and mature and I’m fine with it.



2 comments on “More Odds & Ends (mostly odds)…

  1. sknicholls says:

    Isn’t it fun when your scenes and characters blossom into something unexpected and all the more intriguing?

    • Mike Grant says:

      It is. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the response to a characters question that sends the dialogue off in a completely different direction thus rendering my outline somewhat useless. It’s great to be ‘lost’ once in a while, to not know what’s going to happen even in your own story.

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