The house is shaking right now. I’m tucked away in my study watching collectibles walk about the shelf. The old kitchen counter is being removed as I type.

Again we’re uncovering a plethora of make-shift fixes performed by the previous owner. What appeared to be a solid half-wall is simply a sheet of drywall…no bracing or support. The cabinets are all different heights and the counter was shimmed in four places to level it. Not a problem with the drop-edge on the old countertops but the new granite sits on top so the gaps will be visible until I tuck some quarter-round underneath it. Every job done seems to be creating two other jobs but they’ve  just set a section of the new counter down and it’s definitely going to be worth all the hassles.


On the book front words are flowing pretty fast right now. Dropping in the new scenes and new characters has opened up a whole new world for the old characters and me. The main thrust of the sequel was to answer the questions and suggestions of people who had read the first book. They wanted to know more about Ginn and her relationship with Evan, more about Evan and Marie, more about Danny and Evan’s friendship…and so on. Basically folks wanted more details of pretty much everything that was in the original but when I started the editing process I realized that, while I’d accomplished most of it, the story-line was, well…boring.

A few weeks ago I had a weird image pop into my head. I wrote it down to use in something else (there’s a blog post about this) but I decided that throwing Evan into this landscape would provide a change of scene plus give a little insight into the Ginn character without preaching facts. I think it worked well and is one of the parts that I’m most pleased with. It’s a total departure from White Wolf Moon in every way which creates another issue. The rest of the story-line has to catch up and blend with the new scenes.

These changes do add some excitement, a little danger, and some mystery that wasn’t in the original book. There are new sides to some of the old characters, some fisticuffs, a hint of gun-play, and a bit of law-breaking on Danny and Evan’s part (plus all the questions arising from the first book are answered). I was a little nervous pulling Evan and Danny out of their comfort zone and releasing them into these obviously fictional situations but after reading those scenes over a few times I’m quite pleased with the way they handled them.

It’s never too late to try something new and although they have set me back a little, these changes have opened up other areas that I’m excited to explore and definitely make me feel more comfortable with the story line.

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