THANKSGIVING (the second)

Here in Canada we did the Thanksgiving thing a while ago which prompted me to dig out something I wrote for a community newspaper many years ago. Here’s a part of that article that I wrote back in the seventies.

Once a year we gather together to give thanks for all that we have attained both emotionally and spiritually. Of course some people lean toward material stuff like the new big screen TV and digital satellite but these things really aren’t worth terminating a turkey over… although it does give the menfolk something to do while the womenfolk are steaming up the kitchen.

The tradition started back in 1621 when Governor William Bradford decided that the Plymouth colonists had really busted their butts during the harvest so it was time to have a feast and thank the Lord for the bountiful booty the earth had wrought. Actually I think Governor Bill just liked to party. About the time they were trying to figure what to serve for the main course a wild turkey wandered into the clearing. Blamm, blamm… pass the jam and the turkey has been the traditional meal ever since. Thankfully the skunks and porcupines were smart enough to hide in the bushes.

In the spirit of co-operation Old Bill invited the surrounding tribes to join in the bountiful booty boogie and even though he told them to “…just bring yourselves…” the guests brought corn and stuff. Just like a block party without the streets… and cops.

For the first couple of years the whole gang partied hardy but then came the drought of 1623. It had been a bad year and although the crops were minimized the crowd still gathered to give thanks for what little they did have. In the middle of the prayer it started raining so Bill, who figured he’d stumbled onto something, proclaimed the event Thanksgiving, a celebration that continues on today in various forms around the world. Here in North America it means a day off work, except for the cook, and a time to pause and reflect on the previous year.

Kind of like New Years without the snow and Check-Stops.

What am I thankful for? Pretty much everything except mosquitoes, slugs, snakes, the parking meter guy, and telemarketers. I’m thankful for baby animals (aside from the aforementioned species), friends, family and all the nice people I know. I’m not rich but I’m thankful that I’m not broke. I’m thankful that I have the capability to think creatively and the skills to translate those thoughts into words or photographs. I’m thankful that I have a knack for building things, from scale models to furniture. I’m also thankful for my ability put it all on the back burner and be within myself.

Because most of all I’m thankful that I am.

Today? Well, my day is plodding along as usual. I have finished filling, sanding, and priming all the kitchen walls so my part is done until the new countertops come in next week. I’m really on a roll with the sequel as the introduction of the new character (previous blog) has opened up some different directions which necessitates reworking some of the existing storyline. Another 2,800 words or so in the last few days.

I also discovered that somehow the brightness on my laptop was set on ‘high’ which explains why writing has been a literal headache for the last little while.

I wish my American friends and followers a happy and safe day filled with all the good stuff you deserve. Be merry, eat, and rest…gotta store up that energy you’re gonna need for Black Friday!





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