It’s a world of unfinished projects, seemingly shorter days, lost memory sticks, and general mayhem.


We had been considering renovating the kitchen so we went out merely to gather some info, get some prices, and then decide what we would do. By the end of our ‘fact-finding’ mission we had purchased new countertops and appliances for our space and now the tearing asunder of the old space has begun. I tell you this merely to explain why I have neglected this blog and I do apologize. I actually enjoy renovating. It’s one of those things that, when complete, casts a whole new light on life and I think we all need a new light now and then. I do not necessarily enjoy all the trials leading up to that completion though, especially when whoever owned this house previously decided to do their own renovations as well. A good deal of the time that will be spent on my reno is going to be repairing what wasn’t done right that other time. A quick example…pulling the old tile of the wall has revealed many large holes in the drywall underneath…some areas have no backing for the tiles whatsoever. Other parts have been filled with what looks like window screening, paper towel, and a pound of spackle. These areas will all have to be replaced with new drywall. If you’re going to do something…do it right!

The lost memory stick? That disappeared before all this reno-confusion. It’s one I use to transfer files between computers and also has a folder of idea-starters that, for some reason, isn’t on either of my computers and I can’t remember what they were. Seems the stick isn’t the only memory that’s lost.

As far as the sequel to White Wolf Moon, it’s knocking on the door of the wrap-up stage. I’ve started reading through parts that I wrote months ago which is both good and bad. Mostly I find myself giggling and thoroughly enjoying what I’ve done but last night I came upon a scene that now drives me nuts. Perhaps that’s the problem with not writing from beginning to end. I usually write individual scenes then drop them into the appropriate place in the time-line. I’ve never had a problem doing it this way but this scene doesn’t flow the way it should. It’s a casual conversation explaining the lineage of the wolfdog Ginn but it comes off as almost a scientific lecture rather than conversation. I wanted to get more into her background (and the traits of these animals generally) because some readers of the original book felt it should be explained and I agree but the way I’ve done it doesn’t feel right. It’s time for a complete re-write of those pages.

Still no new title yet but I’m trying not to think about that. I’ve reached the point of chaos in both my fictional and real worlds and I don’t do well with chaos. I have no problem with organized clutter but having the contents of my kitchen spread out all over the floors and tables in the rest of the house drives me nuts. I like to be able to walk from here to there without stepping on toasters and I like to be able to find the bread when I’m hungry.

Okay, I’ve vented a little and thank you for bearing with me to this point (if you have). I’m heading back to the kitchen to continue what has become a major job. I’m spending all my time on this task but once dinner time rolls round I shall be done for the day. My evening is already filled though…I’ll be catching up on all the blogs I follow and hopefully getting a start on the aforementioned re-write.

Then it’s off to bed to get some sleep before starting the whole process again.

One comment on “WELCOME TO MY WORLD….

  1. JP McLean says:

    Our kitchen reno started with a new counter. The old one was 2″ tile and a sea of stained grout. But the new counter meant a new sink…and that meant new taps…and if we were going to replace the sink, maybe it should be moved… and that meant a few new cupboards…and we couldn’t just replace a few. Next came new appliances, new lights and all the resultant electrical, plumbing and drywall work. Our little counter replacement ended, months later, with a whole new kitchen. I love the finished work, but I feel your interim pain.

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