KNOW THY FOE (the missing 75th blog).

This is the blog I had decided not to post but I was informed by a friend that I had been mentioned on one of the anti-wolf pages a few months ago. Although I can’t find the mention it appears they miss me. Since I wrote this in July I have steered away from confrontation with those folks and I have not visited their pages…just a waste of time really. That much negativity and plain stupidity isn’t good for the emotional diet. So with apologies to those who expected more about White Wolf Moon and the sequel I present the following (far wordier than usual) tirade.

Let it be

The following is a lot more than a “bit” of a rant. It has been sitting on my desktop for weeks as I have resisted posting it due to length and subject matter. I know I promised “no more wolf rants” but this one has been festering for quite some time and I really need to vent. I decided to upload this a few days ago but fortunately I used some judgement and had it pre-approved before actually posting it. The wife of a friend of mine is a legal authority on writing, slander laws, and the like so I sent it to her first. It came back as the edited version that follows…shorter by about eighty words and without the names, locations, places of employment, and any other details that might actually identify the people involved. Seems I could have gotten into a heap of legal problems had I not had the foresight to have done this. It matters not though…all one has to do is what I did and study a few members of this sub-culture for oneself.

First I need to go on record, as I have many times in the past, and state that I appreciate that the particular people I researched for this writing are, I’d like to believe, in the minority. I’d also like to remind people that I am not opposed to responsible hunters and hunting and, while I don’t agree with it, I can see that there could be situations where the wolf population may need to be controlled or “maintained”. I hasten to add that in order for something to be maintained it first has to be working and, as far as balance in the ecosystem goes, it isn’t. Concerning all the cries about elk decimation and livestock predation…well, check the facts and numbers for yourself. There is simply no basis for using these as justifications for wiping out an entire species (which is the wish of the majority of posters to these anti-wolf sites).

According to most of the comments I receive from the anti-wolf side I’m a city-dweller. I’m also ignorant and uneducated and have never lived on a farm or even seen the country. I have no respect for wildlife, never had experience with wild wolves and I’ve never fired a gun. I refuse to accept “science and fact” because I live in a fantasy world where I believe wolves are the cuddliest critters and would welcome them into my home as pets. I have been called a psycho, a wolfaboo (I’d personally like to thank the six-year-old that came up with that one), a tree-hugger, a wolf-humper, and the most offensive of all to me, a NAZI (the final straw that started this blog). Obviously I didn’t include the more colourful and disgusting names they saddle us with or the poetically picturesque expletives accompanying each of these comments. Suffice to say that if profanity be the tool of the inarticulate some of these folks are master craftsmen. Other than the fact that I am currently dwelling in a small city absolutely none of the above is true yet this is pretty much how they see me and all pro-wildlife people.

Ahah, I thought, they assume they know me…perhaps I should find out a little about them, besides I’ve grown really tired of being called “a igorant city dweler” by people who can’t spell. I clicked on a total of eight of the contributors to three anti-wolf sites all with, as my grandson says, potty mouths. For this exercise I wasn’t interested in the noticeably few rational and relatively well-spoken posters (surprisingly none of the page moderators fall into this category). I sought out only those who take delight in branding anyone who doesn’t agree with them “a special kind of stupid” among other things. Incidentally “a special kind of stupid” is the parroted buzz phrase right now. One person uses it and everybody does…it’s a Lemming thing. And I certainly hope Judge Judy is collecting royalties for her “can’t cure stupid” comment because that too is over-used whenever they can’t come up with anything better (which is pretty much all the time). Another current flavour phrase of the day is “SSS” which is a recurring theme and seems to be the one to fall back on when again, surprisingly, nothing else comes to mind. Then there’s the “wolf lovers should put on their big girl panties” slam that was going around for a while. I guess hackneyed stuff like this is supposed to upset me but honestly I simply see it as merely a pathetic attempt for attention by immature individuals, nothing more.

Amazingly many of these folks have yet to figure out those dang privacy settings therefore tapping into their personal facebook pages was pretty easy. That should have been a clue. The first thing I noticed was that not many of them have the mettle to stand behind their convictions. They choose not to have a photograph of themselves or to use their real names, preferring to wallow in the anonymity of a small, secret world. We certainly wouldn’t want family or friends (or the boss) to know how twisted we really are now, would we? Plus it’s really easy to be opinionated when nobody knows who you are and you don’t have to account for your gibberish. By the way it’s also surprisingly easy to find out who has two pages, one for their trash-filled hate comments/photos and another for the lovin’ family & friends. I found a few of them but one in particular was really quite psychotic and disturbing as this man holds a rather respectable and responsible position in Public Service, is a devout Christian, and is regarded as a grandfatherly pillar of the community in a small western state town. But like a real-life Jekyll and Hyde his secret identity page displays a totally different persona and contains the foulest, most hateful comments of any that I checked out (don’t worry “Unka Bill” your secret is still safe with me…for now). I actually got a chuckle from one of the more clever A.K.A.s…“Richard Cranium”. That’s one of those nom de plumes that pretty well sums it up. Those that do have the confidence to post pictures of themselves all look pretty much alike. Camo, manly rifle, self-serving pose and grin…you know…same old same old. These photos are very much like the comments they post about the pro side that offer up no originality…just clip and paste. There’s even a photo of a hunter holding up an obviously photo-shopped wolf. This has accompanied stories of hunts in four states and one province. Dang dead wolf sure gets around. Over the past few months when they’ve posted their worn-out opinions on some of the pro pages I have suggested they come up with some new material but I have yet to see any so I’m guessing they can’t. Like summer re-runs, it has all become so predictable and boring.

Let’s move on to some of the “other likes” on most of these pages.

In the words of George Takei, “Oh my….”

A quick glance revealed that most of these folks don’t just hate wolves…they hate pretty much everything except beer ‘n bullets and teenage girls. Rape jokes, gender, and racial slurs abound. “My wife wanted rights so I gave them to her…and a couple of lefts for good measure.” Really? No wonder you’re hiding in the shadows dude. There were a number of the usual hunting pages which is fine but there were also a surprising and disturbing number of graphic animal (not just wolf) torture pages, everything from dogs to deer. Okay…that’s a serious mental deficiency no matter how you cut it and regardless of which side you’re on. One of these fine folks also ‘liked’ the Jeffrey Dahmer facebook page…I guess we all need heroes. Two of my lab rats actually like “animal mating” pages. Wow, critter porn. I bet their favourite book is the Camel Sutra. One interpretation of the Constitution caught my attention and actually says more about this person than anything else. Under his profile pic (a rather bloodied cougar) were the words “I have the right to bear arms, I have the right to kill.” Enough said about the mentality behind those words.

Moving along…Ted Nugent seems to be the next Messiah and Jessie Ventura is his dad which I tend to read as paranoia with guns but I could be wrong. A few are still following Scott Rockholm even though he’s finally been exposed as the conman most rational people already knew he was (see the suggested “to cover my butt” link at the end of this blog).

A couple of these folks also celebrated “May is Masturbation Month” which goes a long way to explaining why they always seem to be seeking attention. In a similar and perhaps related discovery the number of liked “upskirt”, “Hot Teen Girls”, “MILF”, and “bikini-butt” pages would indicate to me that there are a lot of thirteen-year-old boys playing Mighty Joe Wolf Hunter but again, I could be wrong. If I am wrong and this is actually a statement on adult intelligence…well, that’s pretty sad.

So there you have it…my first and last excursion into the slimy sediment at the bottom of the well of life. There’s a lot more but I think this is enough. It was an eye-opener to say the least, especially discovering what is really out there on some facebook pages. I guess I’ve led a sheltered life, for which I am thankful and I’m more than happy to return to the sunshine of my world. As I said these are some of the more extreme voices and like the extreme voices on the other side of this emotional issue they shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of everyone who has an opinion. Unfortunately most times they do.

P.S. – Before posting I did my pre-determined final search of a couple of these pages in the hope that I would find something positive with which to close this. I did. One anti-wolf site has banned a couple of the people that provided some of this material and I do commend them for that although some of those that haven’t been banned aren’t a whole lot better. It is this sort of nonsense that gets the general public up at arms and does nothing but create and strengthen the backlash that is growing increasingly more wide-spread and militant. They also cast all of the six-percent of the population that are hunters in a bad light and I can’t believe that ‘responsible’ hunters out there aren’t ‘up in arms’ at the way these guys and these pages are representing them. Hopefully it isn’t because it’s an accurate representation?

Whether these people are banned from pages or not, they are still out there using whatever means they can to destroy any chance of any useful dialogue and that’s too bad. There is a lot of emotion on both sides and both sides feel they are 100 percent right so finding a way to meet halfway on this issue will always be a struggle. I do believe there’s a middle ground but as long as some folks insist on living in the dark tunnels beneath we may never find it.

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