Are there really more idiots out there now or are we just seeing more of them because of social media? In the old days if someone walked up to me and threatened to “put a bullet through my ‘wolfaboo’ head” he would be arrested and, given a couple of witnesses, charged. It happens all the time on-line though. Safe within the anonymity of an A.K.A. and a generic profile pic people feel free to express their hatred for anything and everything. While one might assume that there is some sort of social-media police force out there that would monitor such activities…apparently there isn’t. Hatred in words and images abound and perhaps it’s gotten too out of control for anyone to reel it back in. There are those that claim ‘Freedom of Speech’ but that really doesn’t apply here. Social media, regardless of the “social” connotation, is private enterprise. Moderators have the right to control what is presented on their site/pages. Mainstream publishers all reserve the right to edit contributions for not only the integrity of their publication but for community standards. Why can’t the power people behind social media do the same thing? Perhaps it stirs up controversy, gets more ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ which means a few more pop-up ads…money. I don’t know.


I like facebook. I can keep in touch with friends, read a joke or two, stay up-to-date with my interests, and let folks know that White Wolf Moon has two more downloads and one more on-line paperback sale over the last week. It’s fun but it also has a down-side. It has provided a ‘public’ forum for those who used to hide in the shadows.

One of these forums suggested that ‘we should have killed all those hippies when we killed all the wolves’. If it wasn’t for ‘those hippies’ you might not have this opportunity to spread your somewhat skewed philosophies. Some of those dudes were instrumental in the development of most of today’s computer technology and without them you might still be dwelling in the shadows where you belong. This is an example of not doing your homework before you open your mouth. It’s the same philosophy of the elk hunters in Wyoming and Montana who want to totally eliminate wolves from the landscape while bragging about record elk “harvests” and the record numbers of healthy and “trophy” elk taken. Take off the blinders and do your research. The hatred and paranoia they have for the wolf won’t allow them to see the benefit this animal has had on their questionable ‘manly’ activity.

Update on “Of Old Men”…two scenes to go then a read-through to determine edits.

I also want to take a line or two and thank the new followers. I’m checking out all your pages and it appears I have some interesting reading ahead of me. Welcome!


One comment on “BUT WHO’S COUNTING….

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    Well said, as always. 🙂

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