It has been a rough month for writing the sequel to “White Wolf Moon”. Another three sales this past week have given me a little boost but the frustration of being unable to put new words down became…well…frustrating. I haven’t neglected the sequel, far from it. I have my time-line of events to be included in this book but not the wherewithal to flesh them out. Life just kind of got in the way. The past month has not been wasted though. I’ve been tweaking previously written chapters, smoothing and polishing dialogue and quite enjoying that process.

I write scenes as they come into my head and sometimes they aren’t necessarily in chronological order so what I’m working on now is like a series of scripts for a half-hour sitcom when it should be a made-for-television movie. Each part stands alone and just needs to be tied together in a cohesive presentation which shouldn’t be all that difficult but until a few days ago had been. Now comes the reason for this blog.

When should the title of whatever you are writing be established? Should you come up with a title first or somewhere in the middle of the process? Perhaps when the draft is completed is when you should give it a name.

I’ve always referred to this as “the sequel” and in doing so I always have snippets of the original book in mind. This may seem appropriate and shouldn’t be a problem but what I’m writing now is quite different from the original. The same characters, yes, but the leaning (while still following the same format) is more in-depth with regards to the characters and explores relationships and scenarios in greater detail than “White Wolf Moon”.

Last week I forced myself to come up with the working title “Of Old Men…(& Wolves)” and something wonderful happened.

I sat down at the laptop, read the title a few times and realized that within those words a theme simmered. As rough as it is that title gave me the boot I’ve needed. Three scenes and 4,800 new words later things are beginning to roll again. I’ve also managed to seamlessly stitch earlier elements together…all because of a working title.

Or is it?

Now, instead of opening a “White Wolf Moon 2” file, I click on “Of Old Men”. The page that appears on my screen has a new ‘feel’ about it. It’s like the whole process is starting again, now…today. I’m looking at what I’ve already written with different eyes and approaching the new material with a fresh attitude.

It’s also time for me to spend some money and renew my publishing commitment with Friesen Press. Up until a few days ago I was questioning whether or not I should. Sales are scattered and come in waves, tiny waves mind you. As I said at the outset three new recent sales have made the decision for me. It’s slow and relatively steady but without that distribution it would be non-existent and there’s always the chance that the book will find a little niche and catch on. The dream is still there, the one that prompted me to self-publish in the first place.

Regardless of how any of this turns out I am pleased with what I’ve done. I certainly would like a bit more success but I’m content with what has happened. I won’t be one of those people who says “I’d like to write a book.” but didn’t. I’m going to be one of those people that did…twice.




  1. I enjoyed your post. I have a similar blog on the journey from eBook to the bestseller’s list. Keep on trucking!

  2. JP McLean says:

    “Of Old Men,” has a great ring to it. I like it.

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