I can’t believe how taking just a few days off can result in being so far behind with my everyday routine. It’s raining off and on here today so I can settle in with the laptop and get a little caught up with some writing. I need to get back on track with the sequel to “White Wolf Moon”. I finally have a working title: “Of Old Men…(and Wolves)”. I’m still not sure about it but as the sequel is basically responding to requests from readers who wanted more about the personal relationships of the characters and especially more details on Ginn, the title seems to fit. I’ve also decided to write a short story about wolves for a fund-raising anthology so I have that wandering around in my head as well. I also fell heir to a 2007 Focus. After spending a bit of money on new tires, tune-up, and diagnostic check I discovered it was in perfect mechanical shape so I’ve spent the last couple of days steam cleaning upholstery/carpets, detailing the interior, repairing some paint chips and giving it a power wax. I now have a gleaming metallic red reliable vehicle at my disposal. My wife, a Realtor, has always had the family car and with her job it’s pretty much in use all the time. I haven’t had my own car since about 1990 so that pretty little Focus means freedom to me.

While I’m up to my elbows in catch-up I also appreciate how much good taking that time off has brought. I am somewhat rejuvenated and anxious to finish this blog and settle in with some old semi-fictional friends and a cup of coffee. It’s important with everything in life to be able to step back and view it all from a critical distance, to review your perspective and assess your decisions. It’s so easy to forsake other elements in life and bury yourself in one particular issue but every so often you have to free your mind and recharge before having at it again. I end this with a bit of philosophy by Evan Morris from “Of Old Men…”:

“Nobody is born bad. When you arrive on this earth it’s a clean slate. Babies just appreciate life itself…they have no reference as to whether it’s good or bad only that it is. They rejoice in simply being part of it. People are products of their environment but there are many environments. For a child the outside world is a selected passive environment while the parents in the home provide the active environment. This is where you develop your early attitudes but they are not necessarily your attitudes are they? They are the attitudes you have absorbed from this environment. Your true personality is still within you and you will eventually use whatever your senses have gathered to shape you into a unique individual. You take what you want from your surroundings and mix it with what you need. Later on in life you might realize that your parents steered you one way and now you are being pulled in a different direction. It isn’t necessarily that they were wrong but times change and what was considered right back then isn’t quite as right today. It sometimes takes a lot of determination to put aside whatever attitudes you have learned from your parents in order to stand as a distinct being. A new life is eager to learn but as time goes by it must be unafraid to rethink and perhaps change what it has learned…to make decisions based on the results of these thoughts and to believe in the decisions made. Very simply you are responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions…nobody else.”


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