Just Me and Roo Kid….


There’s just something about having a baby kangaroo curled up on your lap that makes you forget all the trials and tribulations life tosses your way. I’m not sure what it is but a few minutes of smooching from that furry li’l critter snuggled up against you…so trusting and accepting…makes you appreciate the moment and disregard the rest of the world. In that moment you are the only thing in this cool little animal’s life and he is the only thing in yours. Even surrounded by so many other people and kangaroos this is an individual experience and, as he nuzzled into my hand and licked my fingers, I felt a warm kind of closeness. Okay, I do tend to over-think things but I didn’t this time. I just let the moment happen and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of a few days off.

My daughter arranged a much needed getaway as a forty-third anniversary present for my wife and I including a trip to Kelowna, a stay at “A Vista Villa”, and a couple of tour days through “Heart & Sol Tours”. Yes, I am giving these folks a plug because the whole experience was so great, they deserve it.

It was a chance to put blogs and books aside for a few days…to just relax and unwind and let someone else do all the driving and thinking and to let my characters Evan and Danny look after themselves for a few days although I fear they got into a little mischief while I was gone. Funny thing about ol’ hippie-types.


I also got to spend some up close and personal time with 3716, a wonderful old refurbished 2-8-0 steam engine that pulls the Kettle Valley Railway cars. The trip through the countryside with all the sounds and smells of a bygone era is something I have wanted to do since I moved to this part of the country. I’ve waited fifteen years to ride those rails and it was worth it. It won’t be another fifteen before I do it again.

We toured vineyards and sampled their wines (and brought a few bottles home with us). We sampled fresh jams from orchards (again, brought a few jars home), picked peaches, and met some of the nicest people I’ve ever run into. Not just the people that took the tours with us but the many people who run and work in the orchards and vineyards. Real down-home folks.

So accept this entry for what it is…the reason I haven’t been on this blog for a while. I needed a change and this was it. Kangaroos, trains, wine, fine dining, 3-D art, and sweet stuff…the perfect break.

If you’re heading to (or through) Kelowna I recommend you check out these folks. The link below is my way of thanking Sherry and Bruce for a helluva good time and we’ll certainly see you again!



One comment on “Just Me and Roo Kid….

  1. That little guy is GORGEOUS!

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