I have often been accused of being stuck in the sixties and usually it’s meant as a bit of an insult. I don’t take it that way at all. For me it is a time to look back on with a smile but no, I’m not stuck there. I have managed to hang onto some of what it was all about, the attitude and gentle thoughts…the friends. Yes a few of them are still around, in fact three of them are facebook friends. But does this sixties psyche have any place in 2013?

Honestly I think it’s more important now than any time over the past 40 years. I see nothing wrong with brandishing a little “love and understanding” these days but we no longer seem to live a world that that favors the “whole” over the “one”. This attitude started at the end of the “love generation” when, as Evan Morris put it in White Wolf Moon:“ The ‘we’ generation was evolving into the ‘me’ generation and I didn’t think that was what it was all about.”

We have recently gone through times that were the polar opposite of the sixties and to an extent some people still live in those “less than lovin'”times. Recently though I’ve noticed that most of the people my age (and a few years younger) that I know have managed to find a way to balance their old ideals and this hectic, hi-tech, and oft times inexplicable world. Let’s try to bring back some of those basic ideals that anchored that generation so long ago. It won’t be a wholesale re-birth (with all the changes since then that would be impossible) but rather a melding of then and now. You say nobody would be interested? Guess what…they are. You tell me it’ll never work? Guess what…it is.

Fortunately there has been a bit of an uprising of sort recently. A lot of young people today seem more environmentally aware for the first time in decades. They are speaking out against anything that needs speaking out against and showing a growing humanity for others that has been mostly lacking since those “shaggy 60s summers”. There seems to be an increasing awareness and concern for the world around us…the air, water, trees, plants, animals, and each other. Sound familiar? This is the new generation and Lord love them. I only hope that they can one day look back on these days the way Danny Mann does in the sequel to White Wolf Moon:

“He closed his eyes and remembered the warmth of the Alberta sun tempered by a whispering breeze up at the cabin. It was a far gentler day back then. Nothing was hurried, nothing was worth sweating over. It was wine cooling in the stream at the bottom of the clearing. It was bread bought fresh and warm from the bakery on the way to the country and obscenely large chunks of homemade cheddar right off the barrel-top from some general store at the last turn off the highway. It was music, laughter, and open caring for each other, a time of genuine love and understanding. There was no rush to enter the adult world even though they had already crossed the border. They wanted to wring every last drop out of this life they had stumbled into before getting washed away in a world of children, bills, and mortgages. He remembered Evan telling them to appreciate what they now had for soon it would be gone. And soon it was.”

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