I was in a thrift shop today and as is my custom, I checked out the book section. Tucked away in the trade-size novels was a copy of “White Wolf Moon”. Wow, I guess I’ve made it.


I took it down from the shelf, opened it, and checked for an inscription but it was an unsigned copy. The cover was lightly creased and quick leaf through it revealed many turned down corners so at least it had been read but this led to a decision on my part. My first reaction was to buy it but the more I thought about it the more I felt that leaving it on the shelf was a better idea. For a couple of dollars someone else may take a chance on it, perhaps enjoy it and spread the word.

Okay, that’s the new blog, short as it is, but I now have a bit of a mission. I’m confident that leaving it there was the right thing to do so I’ll be revisiting that store a few times over the next little while…just to see if my book is still there. I know I’ll be disappointed if it hangs around too long but to not find it would be cause for a bit of a ‘happy dance’!  

3 comments on “WHAT GOES AROUND….

  1. JP McLean says:

    I’m glad you decided to leave it there. Used book stores are a little like animal shelters: a place where quality companions can be found and adopted into a loving home.

  2. Mike Grant says:

    I went back yesterday and the book was gone. I asked one of the staff if they’d recently disposed of any books that didn’t sell and she told me they haven’t in about a year as the books turn over fairly quickly. After about 1/2 hour of searching (in case it had been moved) I still didn’t find it. I’m guessing it has found a new place to hang out…hopefully whoever bought it enjoys!!!

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