No, I have no idea what that means…I just couldn’t think of anything else to use but maybe as I ramble I might tweak my comments to suit the title. These are just a few random thoughts and answers to some of the questions I have been asked.


Is White Wolf Moon successful? Yes, to me it is. It has paid for itself and even made a few dollars but more than that it’s successful from the standpoint that I have something that a lot of people would really like to have…a published book. It’ll be around longer than me and that’s a really nice feeling. It’s like the feeling I get when I’m in line at the grocery store and the gentleman behind me asks how the book is going and is there going to be another one. It’s an ego thing I guess. There have been two more downloads in the last week so perhaps the ride isn’t over yet. I hope not but as far as what it’s already accomplished for me, I’m happy. I’ve learned a lot through this process and I will be expecting more from the next one but I’m also putting more into it. I only wish I’d published it years ago but better late than…you know. I was like so many people who would love to write a book when they get around to it. Unfortunately most people never get around to it and that’s sad. Think of your story or the countless stories floating around in people’s heads that will never be shared. I say to you, if you’ve got an idea and want to write a book, a short story or a poem then do it…now. Just go sit at your computer or grab a pencil and notepad and get on it! It may seem like a lot of work but in the end it isn’t as tough as you think (in fact it’s a lot of fun) and the feeling it brings is what it’s all about…both as you write and when you finally ‘close the book’ off. That sense of accomplishment is indescribable.

Now the random thoughts/questions…are you Evan? No, not really. Like all the characters Evan has a certain amount of ‘me’ in him but originally Evan was based on a friend of mine from the sixties. As the story went on more of my thoughts and attitude ended up being injected into the character so I am probably a bigger part of him than the rest of the cast.

How do the real people I based my characters on feel about being in the book? One passed away a few years ago and two of them I haven’t been able to track down. The two that are Claire and Danny were with me on it from the beginning. They had a say in how they were presented even to reading their scenes ahead of time and making changes if they were concerned. No changes were made.

Of all the characters Jenn seems to be the one that people want to know who is the real-life person she’s based on. Five of the central characters are based on real people or blends of real people (six if you include Ginn) but Jenn is totally fictitious. Evan, Marie, Ginn, and Jenn are from the original “White Wolf Moon” that I started in 2005. It isn’t at all like the final published version, a totally different scenario and story-line. While cleaning out files to back up on a memory stick I uncovered the original partial draft and had a good read. While I’m glad I didn’t stick with that story-line there are some really good ideas buried in those words that I think will find their way into the sequel.

And finally…how to tell if someone who says they’ve read your book hasn’t (or at least not carefully): “I really liked it but I’m curious as to how you came up with the name “Ginn” for the wolfdog.”

Page 82 ma’m…right at the top.



  1. JP McLean says:

    I can’t yet say that my book has paid for itself, but even if it never does, I completely agree with your advice: just do it. It’ll be more fun than you think and finishing it is a most gratifying accomplishment.

    • Mike Grant says:

      JP I was really fortunate in that I worked at a book shop when my book came out (built-in market). I had good media coverage including 3 papers, television and radio…all through the store’s contacts. We had a really well promoted and successful book launch/signing and most of my regular customers bought a copy. I don’t have that advantage this time around so it’s going to be a little tougher go. I can only hope that everyone that bought the first (and then some) will get the second but even if it doesn’t go as well as the first…it’s still going to be a pretty special feeling. I love doing this!

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