“There has been an inexplicable bond between them from day one. In his mind it was an understanding between two misunderstood creatures. She the wolf, fodder of nightmares and paranoia, the relentless killer. He the man who had been equally unjustly labeled all his life although unlike Ginn he’d brought a lot of it on himself, mostly through his self-imposed exile as someone he wasn’t.”


Here is a sneak peek at the sequel to “White Wolf Moon” (I really must come up with a title soon). A lot of the comments from the first book were about exploring relationships, not the least of which was Evan’s relationship with Ginn. The story of Evan and the white wolfdog is detailed in various scenes of the sequel and admittedly I have sometimes not-so-subtly stated my feelings on the plight of the wolf in todays world. It isn’t cluttered with dry facts though, just musings and ramblings. I’m still trying to keep it a light and humorous read because I don’t want it to be a blatant ‘cause’ book. Besides, by the time it gets published those facts will probably be outdated.

Evan is at a sidewalk table of his favorite coffee shop and someone has just asked where his ‘hound’ was. Evan answered him and when the passer-by moved on he thought…

“Ginn. He missed her. It wasn’t surprising that Dale was the third person to ask of her whereabouts since he sat down. Normally she’d be stretched out at his feet basking in the ‘oohs and ahhs’ of passers-by but this morning she chose to stay home, unwilling to leave her post on the porch. She is more recognized in this town than he would ever be. She had become an unofficial spokesman for the wolf in these parts. He never grew tired of the reactions when people realized she was a wolf-cross. They’d either quickly step away from her, pulling their children to safety, or they’d quietly move closer then bend down to pet or hug her. They’d ask if she howled like a ‘real’ wolf. Evan would give Ginn the signal and she’d throw her head back and cut loose, her call echoing down the street. To those who took the time to chat she was a ‘sweetie’ and ‘darling’. To the rest she was a concern, a source of mistrust. Tourists and townsfolk alike wanted photographs with her and she loved the attention, especially the children who would wrap their arms around her neck and smile for their giggling parents. They’d want to talk, to learn all they could about her. Evan would dispel the myths about this wonderful creature and do his part to educate people that the wolf didn’t really eat Li’l Red’s grandma. He had the statistics on these predators and their activities regarding humans and livestock and was quick to dismiss inflated claims by those wishing to promote fear of the wolf for their own selfish interests. He would freely discuss environmental studies and scientific facts about the wolf’s importance in the eco-system in an effort to dispel the fiction propagated by haters and hunters who simply want them destroyed or hanging over the fireplace.

But today there was no-one stopping to listen.” 

5 comments on “EXCERPT

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    Sounding real good! 🙂

  2. JP McLean says:

    Your title quest intrigues me. Being a gardener, I thought of Wolfsbane. When I looked it up, it seemed appropriate, especially in light of your excerpt. Check it out: Aconitum aka Wolfsbane

    • Mike Grant says:

      Wow…interesting and well worth thinking about considering the obvious tie-in. One of the problems I had with WWM was that there were so many ‘wolf moon’ books out there and most written by Michael Grant (thus I went with ‘Mike’) and I’d be a bit concerned about the Wolfsbane comics/books or the heavy metal band. However nothing says there isn’t room for one more title…I just have to work on some kind of variation or use it as part of a title. Thanks J.P.!

  3. Mike Grant says:

    Thank you Pete Braun for your link. I’ve been a George Carlin fan since the ‘hippy-dippy weatherman’ and ‘those words you can never say on television’. I appreciate the sentiment and I certainly agree with the concept when it comes to wolf-hunters but, for my own reasons, I don’t wish to post the link here.
    To those George Carlin fans just google ‘Carlin Death Penalty’.
    From your facebook page I see that you too are a wolf advocate…spread the word!
    Again, I apologize for not sharing the link.

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