Do readers like teasers?

First a little clarification…

Let it be

I received an unexpected message from a reader of this blog stating that I shouldn’t be using this forum to promote “causes” instead of my books. I assume she was referring to the wolf entries I have posted recently. I offer no apologies for my occasional wanderings into what I now consider to be a good cause. As I mentioned in another post, during my research into wolves for the second book I discovered a whole other world when it came to the wolves of North America and a lot of it disgusts me. I didn’t realize (as I suspect a lot of people don’t realize) the importance of the wolf in the eco system and have come to appreciate this animal more than I ever thought possible. Wolf-hunters who also call themselves environmentalists simply haven’t done their homework or they are perhaps attempting to justify their primal actions by tagging themselves with this misnomer…but I will remain off the soapbox for now.

I have reached that point in the draft of the sequel to WWM where I’m beginning to spend some time researching options for listing, selling, and promotion of the book. I’ve noticed that a number of self-pubs are using social media to drop in teasers or segments from their new works and I am wondering how this works for them.

As a bit of an experiment I tried including a paragraph from the sequel on the WWM facebook page and I did receive some ‘likes’ and a few encouraging comments. This does feel good to me, that people have taken the interest in what I’m doing. As I draw closer to completion and publication (still a few months away) I think I’d like to tease the readers a bit more but I’m still not sure of the effect it would have.

Do readers like teasers?


2 comments on “Do readers like teasers?

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    I think so, especially if it is an author that I’ve never read. It gives the reader a little bit of what to expect and lets them see if this is their kind of read. Of course, I have read the first book and you have my undying devotion for the rest of your writing career. 🙂
    About the wolves, I say, advocate on my brother! They need all the help they can get.

  2. JP McLean says:

    Teasers whet the appetite…like tasty Hors D’Oeuvres. I love Hors D’Oeuvres, especially when served from on high – soap box, pedestal, no matter, just keep them coming.

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