Wolves Getting Booted Back to the Brink

My book “White Wolf Moon” is a light tale about a sixties hippie-type spending his golden years in a small BC town with a white wolf-cross named Ginn. I had been taken to task for my depiction of the animal saying that there could be no way a wolf-cross would have the intelligence or the personality that Ginn has. She was “too smart” and “too tame”. Oddly I have based her on a couple of actual wolf-crosses that I had met in real life. Both were wonderful, loving, and gentle creatures and probably smarter than the people that owned them. In my second book I decided to research wolves both in the wild and in captivity so that no-one could question my depiction this time.
I won’t take the space to get into details of my research…there are thousands of pages available to anyone who wants to glean a little more understanding into this wonderful, pertinent  and most misunderstood creature. My research has validated my claims in the first book and will make the second far more factual and educational, if in a fictional setting.
What I did stumble onto though was the other side. The bullet-headed people from the average Joe to politicians (who have pockets filled with NRA, hunters associations, cattleman, and the like) who simply want to slaughter. This isn’t sport…it’s mass murder. To read about how proud the government is that they spent millions of dollars to bring these creatures back ‘from the brink of extinction’ only to turn around and de-list them is plain, simple stupidity. Their numbers are once again falling fast and soon we’ll have to spend more millions to bring them back…or will we just let them go this time and sit back and watch the gradual destruction of an eco system…all for the sake of money, votes, or the satisfaction of knuckle-draggers who want to prove their virility by the senseless elimination of an entire species. As Jim points out the Yellowstone story is a real eye-opener. If we could only learn from that….

Take the time to read Jim’s post. This is one of those ‘damn I wish I’d written that’ posts but damn I’m glad I read it!

Thank you Jim!


Exposing the Big Game

When an activist friend asked me to write an overview of the wolf situation, my first thought was: “What a daunting and extremely depressing task that would be.” But having followed the wolves’ story since long before their reintroduction to Yellowstone and the Idaho wilderness, I suppose it’s only natural that I take this on. After all, I’ve covered the issue many times in articles, on my blog, and I devoted two chapters of my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, to the plight of wolves.

At the time I wrote the book’s chapter, “From the Brink of Oblivion and Back Again,” wolves were still federally protected and their removal from the Endangered Species List was just someone’s bad idea that had yet to see its dark day—I never quite realized just how apt that title would soon be. Until recently I remained hopeful that…

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