Reviews are pretty tough to come by, good or bad, but this one was just posted at Lybrary and I decided it’s time to puff out my chest a bit….


“White Wolf Moon is one of those books I might not have read had it not been recommended to me by my mother. Although I’m not a big fan of ebooks I do have a reader but download only on occasion. After nearly a year I only have five books on the device. I still prefer paper bound books and had I seen White Wolf Moon in my favorite bookstore I would have certainly taken a look and, based on the cover and a quick scan of the contents, I would have bought it with no hesitation.
Other reviews of this book praise the characters and dialogue and I would agree that I was drawn into each of their lives. The humor is sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle and I confess to missing some of the song and singer references (the punishment for being thirty) but this didn’t detract from the simple pleasure of reading about “those days” and getting a different slant on events of the Sixties. I say this because from what I’ve read about this book it seems to be aimed at the baby-boomers but I’m not in that group and I found this one of my most enjoyable reads.
I quickly grew to love the people in this story and found myself in tears, both happy and sad, a few times. I also grew to love Ginn and the relationship she has with Evan. My grandfather lived on a farm and had a wolf cross, grey not white, and she was the most gentle and loving dog I’ve ever met. Shandra was her name although I don’t know where it came from.
I would like to read more about these people, all of them. I closed the book but found myself wondering how they’re doing and realized that this wasn’t enough. They feel like friends and I like knowing what my friends are up to.
I’ve been hooked on a book before, it happens quite often, and I will sometimes read certain titles multiple times. It’s hard to pinpoint why I’m on my third reading of White Wolf Moon but the more I read, the more I find. I discover subtleties that I missed previously, philosophies that sneak up on me while I’m at work or trying to go to sleep. I love Evan and his way of looking at things and I find myself trying to take his more laid-back approach to events in my life. Jenn refers to this as his “philosophical banter” and quickly you learn that there’s a lot of thought behind his ramblings.
White Wolf Moon sneaks up on you. On the surface it is such a light and easy read. It’s only when you realize you’ve read a hundred pages and had a good laugh or cry that you are aware of how involved you’ve become with Evan, Marie and the rest of the “crowd”.
It goes without saying that I love this book and I am looking forward to a second or even third in the series. Trilogies are all the rage, are they not?
Shannon Tyler”


  1. dmauldin53 says:

    I agree with every word Shannon said. I have not been able to read it a second time, but I know that I will. 🙂

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