ginn2After taking a few days break (mostly due to stumbling blocks in the story-line and a new RC car) I seem to be back on track. During the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with the sequel to White Wolf Moon. I have this nagging recurring thought that pops into my mind every time I hit a block in the writing. Do the sales justify a sequel or should I be working on another, totally different story-line?  A month or so ago I split the difference and started a second project using mostly the same characters in what would be a prequel and I’m actually quite pleased with the progress. It answers the questions that some readers have had regarding the background of the characters and gives a more serious insight into what brought about White Wolf Moon. I’m also continuing with the planned sequel which picks up two weeks after the events in the original story. This is where I seem to need a shot every now and then because it’s here that my nagging thought arises. What amazes me is that just when I’m seriously questioning which way to go, something happens to make the decision for me.

In the past few days two things have started the ideas flowing and the fingers going again. I was downtown shopping when I ran into one of the older fellas that bought my book. He told me he was on his third read-through and picking up on a lot that he’d missed, especially the hidden philosophies and song titles. He also mentioned he’d lent it to a friend and she loved it and both of them are waiting for the second book.

Then, last night, I was returning some movie rentals to our corner store. The girl behind the counter had bought White Wolf Moon about three months ago and had also lent it to friends who apparently liked it. She finally got her copy back and was reading it for a second time. We stood and chatted about it for a few minutes then I went home. Ten minutes later I received a phone call from her. Another customer had overheard our conversation and wanted to know more about the book…then decided she needed to have a copy (signed) as well.

Events like this remind me of the many comments about the book over the last five months…mostly good, mostly wanting to know more about the characters, and a lot of requests for a follow-up. I think I’d forgotten how much interest is out there and it takes a little nudge every so often to remind me that pretty much everyone that had actually read it wanted more.

What’s encouraging to me is how little it takes to get me fired up again. It tells me that I must be on the right track. I’m still playing around with a prequel…perhaps it will be the third act…I don’t know. I do know that my main goal now is finishing the sequel and I seem to have once again found that silly spark that I need to put these characters into some original and off-the-wall situations. With the first book there was a mixed reaction. The story itself is a combination of serious sixties history and modern-day situations. Most preferred the modern-day side of it (especially the character dialogue and banter) and quickly read through the serious interviews; anxious to get back to the people they’d grown to love. This is more what the sequel is about. It’s a lot lighter than the original and leans more toward humor in dialogue and scenario…although there is some drama concerning one of the main characters.

I think the big key now is that I’m back to having fun with the people in the story and the words and dialogue are coming faster than I can type.

To paraphrase a common saying…happy author, happy characters!

4 comments on “INSPIRATION

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to reading the sequel. 🙂

  2. Mike Grant says:

    That’s so great to hear. I have a few others that have echoed the same comment. It’s still a little ways from being complete but I’m already checking publishing/printing options to find the best price. I’m also trying to choose which sites to list it as an ebook and I was wondering where you downloaded it from so I can figure out which formats I’ll have to deal with (and also make sure I get it on that site).

  3. Gwen says:

    I think your post illustrates the importance of having more than one project in the works. When writer’s block drags you down on your current WIP, you can put it away for a while and work on something else. That time away almost always generates new ideas, in my case. I also believe in striking while the iron is hot – if you have inspiration for something new, go for it full force, before the ideas vanish from your mind. Great post!

    • Mike Grant says:

      Thank you…and also good comments. The interesting part about working on a prequel and a sequel at the same time is that when writing the prequel I sometimes end up wandering off in a new direction that can also end up being part of the sequel in dialogue or reference form…does that make sense? It does to me but…we know us.

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