66 & LOVIN’ IT!!!

I just turned sixty-six but I don’t really think too much about my age…the old philosophy you are as old as you feel rings true with me. I firmly believe what Evan says about it in my novel White Wolf Moon:

“Sure I’m physically sixty.” He touched his chest. “But in here it doesn’t count for much. When I turned sixty, fifty-nine didn’t disappear. It’ll always be part of who I am. Every year I’ve lived is buried somewhere in this battered old body which means I’m still fifty-nine, and forty and thirty and twenty…”

Another saying comes to mind although I’m not sure who wrote (or said) it:

“If you didn’t know how old you were…how old would be?”

My answer would probably be “I don’t know”. Sure there are times I’d like to be a few years younger but honestly I like now better than most of the years I have under my slightly expanded belt. A friend of mine would never admit his age and refused to accept that he was, in fact, a year older than me. This age thing bothered him so much he wouldn’t mention that he qualified for the senior’s discounts at most stores and restaurants. I remember going to a thrift store and being asked if I qualified…flattered, yes…but damn straight I qualify. Fifteen percent off? Give it to me!

hammer So now I’m sixty-six but my family knows how I feel about my age. That’s why they combined to get me the RC truck shown above. They know I have drawers full of socks and sweaters, some of them nearly as old as me, so they went into the hobby shop and got me something they knew I would enjoy. Yes I’m still a kid at heart even though various parts of rest of my body occasionally beg to differ. The truck is also the reason I haven’t been as diligent about writing my sequel or this blog over the last couple of days but hey, I’ve earned a little toy-time. I’d love to be back outside running this little mudder over the rocks, into the mud, and through what’s left of the snow in our backyard but for now I have to get on task…it’s back to the laptop.


2 comments on “66 & LOVIN’ IT!!!

  1. Gemma Hawdon says:

    Great attitude Mike! I love that your family bought you a toy truck – maybe a real motorbike next year??

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