blogsignI have been rather lax in keeping on top this blog due to foreseen circumstances. I started out writing the sequel to White Wolf Moon but I decided to do a “real time” chapter that takes the reader back to the music scene in Edmonton, Alberta, in the mid-sixties. This introduces the characters as they were and lays out the events that created their current day situations. From the beginning I wasn’t sure how I could work this chapter into the sequel but it was so easy to write that it came together quickly and now I’m kicking around a few more chapter ideas. It was also fun to reminisce. I was involved in that business back then. I worked in radio and I’d also recorded my fair share of music demo tapes and a couple of records so I know the people, places, and how things were. This would obviously be considered the prequel.

The sequel is moving along just as easily. I feel good about what I’ve done with it so far.  It responds to comments and questions that I have received from readers of White Wolf Moon. They want to know more about certain characters and events. I have addressed all of their questions and expanded on the relationships and situations they have asked about.

Here’s my dilemma. The prequel explains a lot about the central characters that, unless you have read White Wolf Moon, you might not pick up in a sequel. The sequel also rounds out the modern day story in regards to characters that aren’t in the prequel (two of which are the most commented on). This has me considering combining the two in one book as two different yet related stories…both prequel and sequel in one binding.

I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, which, of course, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

I’ve also considered doing the prequel as short stories, each one concentrating on just the background pertinent to events in the new storyline but I feel this might be a bit confusing and probably not as easy a read.

So this is my explanation for not being on the blogs lately. At this point I’m treating both storylines as two separate novels which they easily could be, except I have no intention of doing a trilogy.

But then who knows where this will lead?


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