Okay the title doesn’t say much and neither will I. It’s time to buck up and buckle down. I’ve had a couple of lazy days so it’s back to work. This “dedication to task” can be tough but now it’s time to shut this computer down for the day. It’s far too easy to spend far too many hours playing around the net. My coffee, laptop, and sequel await….



5 comments on “OUT OF THE BLUE….

  1. grafixp2012 says:

    It worked so I’m doing it again today.1500 words completed yesterday. Not as many as I usually do in a day but all of these words feel good…probably not a lot of editing ahead.

  2. gemmahawdon says:

    Great! I like it – did you manage to get much done?

    • grafixp2012 says:

      Yup…see above Gemma and thanks! I have to keep a check for an email today so this computer is on but unless I hear that sound I’m in another room doing the same as yesterday. It feels good!

  3. Gemma Hawdon says:

    I’m going to try your technique today! Incidently – are you still getting my posts? Since swapping to self hosting they have transferred my followers, but quite a few are telling me they are not getting them?

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