I’ve lost a friend.

Actually I should say that the White Wolf Moon facebook page has lost a friend. Most “fan” pages have thousands of followers so I would imagine they may not notice when they lose one or two but I had only 60, now I have 59. I suppose this shouldn’t concern me but it does. I’m still relatively new to the whole concept of on-line networking so losing one follower feels like I’ve somehow failed or let this person down. I’m told this isn’t a big deal…there could be many reasons why someone would stop following and I’m to stop over-thinking it. While I’ve never been accused of over-thinking anything perhaps I should this time.

This blog is another example.

I read the blogs of people that follow me and I’ve taken note of what they do. I find the whole thing fascinating. The variety of subject matter covered within each of these blogs is incredible from writing tips to recipes. I’ve tried different approaches with my posts in an effort to try and figure out what direction I should take in order to tap into the interests of the people who follow White Wolf Moon. I have studied all my site stats to ascertain which posts garnered the most interest and while I have an interesting assortment of numbers I’m really no further ahead. It seems different things appeal to different people (duh).

But then I thought about my “likes” on other blogs.

I’ve read a lot of the “How to Build a Blog Audience” sites and there’s one underlying theme that bothers me. It’s the suggestion that you “like” and “follow” as many blogs as possible and they will do the same for you.

I tend to agree with the “follow” part. I will always check out anyone who “like”s something I’ve posted and if they have a post that I find interesting, informative or just plain fun (which is usually the case) I will hit “like” then follow their blog. This doesn’t mean I will hit “like” every time they post but I do go through them all when they come up on the Reader and will certainly “like” any individual posts that catch my fancy. I believe that a “like” should truly mean something and the fact that I am continually following them is a far more important stat. But maybe I’m wrong.

I also check out other bloggers that are following someone that I’m following. I’m amazed at how many pages I’ve found that will catch my interest even though we were not directly linked but then, as I said, I’m still new to all of this.

The primary purpose of this blog is to help promote White Wolf Moon. The most reader reaction by a short-shot comes when I write about the book or writing in general so I suppose it’s fulfilling this purpose.

Speaking of the book…it’s plodding along nicely. Both downloaded and hard-copy sales have slowed a little but it is still moving and the sequel is well underway. I’m settling into this retired life. I’m also managing to discipline myself time-wise as far as my writing efforts are concerned so generally all would be right with my world…if I could only figure out what happened to #60.



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