As it is with all writers, the characters I create are very real to me and it isn’t just that I base most of them on the traits of people I know. It’s more than that. I can see them, I can hear their voices, and I can read their minds…okay, they can read my mind but either way it’s good. As Evan I can take care of business in ways I couldn’t in real life. It’s akin to Walter Mitty, James Thurber’s wonderful character who imagined himself as pretty much anything he wanted. Unfortunately old Walt wasn’t usually as successful in his endeavors as he’d like to have been whereas Evan usually manages to work things out.

In a previous blog I mentioned the fence-tagging incident. I really can’t do much about it as I have no idea who did it but after presenting the situation to Evan I discovered that he had managed to get the perpetrator’s vehicle plate number (artistic license). He and a buddy are currently contemplating both legal and not-so-legal methods of laying a little “hippie justice” on the kid. I shall seek my revenge vicariously.

To complete this reality of character for the reader I created the Evan Morris book and lp recording pictured above. I use both in the video trailer but on the White Wolf Moon facebook page I’ve used them as teaser photos and referred to them as actual items that I’ve found from Evan’s past. I’ve had people go to itunes to find a copy of his album and search the web for his book, record, or any other information they can find on Evan Morris. In an earlier blog I posted the photograph that gave Jenn her last clue as to Evan’s identity.

Illusion complete…not quite.

I’m working on a cd of original Evan Morris songs that, if I can pull it off, will be a part of the next book. I’ve already written and recorded one track and I have three almost completed. While I’m not certain of when, or even if, I’ll have it all together, it is giving me that extra touch of realism to help fuel the sequel to White Wolf Moon.


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