I’ve decided to work on a sequel to “White Wolf Moon”. I spent many hours writing the book then going through the publishing part of it but most of that is behind me now and I find myself at odds with what to do with my time.

Someone suggested that once I’ve put the stallion in the barn I should saddle up the mare.

I have no idea what that means.

Both activities sound naughty in a metaphoric sort of way.

I suppose it simply means when you finish one project you should jump back on and start another. That makes sense.

So I saddled up the mare and opened up my file of deleted scenes from the first book. A few of them will make the cut but most of this project will have to be new.

I began, as is my usual approach, by having two of the main characters chat…more of a little recap of “White Wolf Moon” for those that hadn’t read it. Then using my digital recorder I wandered through additional dialogue pursuing anything that came to mind. I like using day to day events (perhaps embellished) as part of a story-line and letting the characters deal with them in ways that I can’t. As an example…some “artist” has tagged my back fence. There’s not a lot I can do except paint over it but the neighbor painted over his and three days later it was tagged again. So, as part of this chat with the characters, someone has tagged Evan’s fence. Let’s see what he does about it. Through this chaos came a direction for the sequel and one pretty cool title. I spent nearly three hours rambling into the recorder then typing it out. Now, after reading it back, I’m pleased. Not only does this tie up some intentional loose ends, it explores the characters further.

Will I do an outline? I did with “White Wolf Moon” but as I let the characters write most of the story (through the aforementioned improv dialogue) I don’t usually color within the lines. The outline went out the window fairly early on in that process but I will try it again.

Even though I’ve had a number of requests for a sequel it’s still too early to know if “White Wolf Moon” will garner enough attention to warrant one. From my standpoint though, I’m back in the saddle and thoroughly enjoying revisiting these characters. After a couple of hours on the laptop I now realize how much I’ve missed having them around.

They didn’t just disappear after I closed the book… they’ve actually been pretty busy and it’s nice to find out what they’ve been up to these past few months.


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