What an interesting day…I was standing in a checkout line waiting to pay for my daily orange juice when a woman in front of me turned around, looked at me, and said: “You’re the guy with the book!” I smiled and told her she was right.
“I saw your picture in the paper! A friend says I should read it, it’s really funny. What’s it about?”
I just happened to be carrying a bag with six books to restock the display at the bookshop where I work so I handed her a copy. She read the back then leafed through a few pages and handed it back to me.
“Would you sign it for me?” she asked.
“Will you buy it from me?” I asked.
She handed me the money, I signed the book.
I went to work and had just set out the remaining five copies when Shelley Joyce from CBC Radio arrived and conducted an interview with me about “White Wolf Moon”. I finished up about fifteen minutes later and received a message to call the local paper for another interview. A few minutes later a photographer arrived to do the article photo.
Topping off a pretty good day I sold & signed another five copies of the book.
I am totally overwhelmed by what has happened over the past week and, to be honest, I’m loving every minute of it. These are the moments that make the last couple of years of work and frustration worth it.

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