Yup, geek, nerd…whatever. I collect Hot Wheels. It’s just a hobby, a nice inexpensive hobby. There are those that “invest” in Hot Wheels and buy up every new release assuming that they’ll be able to turn them around in the future and retire. Yeah…no. You’ll be lucky if you get back what you paid. Yes you might make a bit by specializing in rarer versions or better yet by tracking down those older ones from the early days but you’ll never put your kid through college or retire to that ranch up river on Hot Wheels. You should be collecting solely for the fun of it…if something nets you a few bucks then that’s a bonus.
The same applies to writing that first book, novel or otherwise. You do it because you want to, not because it’s going to get published and you’re going to spend agonizing weeks deciding which film company has come up with the primo offer for your best seller.
When I talk to people about “White Wolf Moon” the majority of them tell me they’ve always wanted to write a book. “So…do it,” I usually say. “Grab a writing pad and pen or fire up the laptop and do it.” One lady told me that she loves writing and she tries to write something every day, even nonsense…then she looks at the housework she didn’t get done and feels guilty about the time she’s wasted. I think it was John Lennon who said if you enjoyed the time you wasted then it wasn’t wasted…or something like that.
I’d written a lot of stuff before this book was published, most of which will never be seen by anyone else but that’s okay. I did it for my own enjoyment.
“White Wolf Moon” is a personal story for me, a semi-factual diary if you will. As such, I never intended on putting it out there. A friend convinced me to have a go at it and I’m glad he did. It has already made a little bit of money…nowhere near recouping the cost…but that’s not really the issue. Yesterday a customer at the bookstore was standing at the counter reading my book. He was giggling as he flipped through some pages, dead serious on others. He’d been there for perhaps half an hour, which prompted me to ask if he was going to read the book here or did he want it to go? He then said some pretty nice things about it (modesty prevents me from repeating them here) and asked if I’d read it. I told him only about forty or fifty times then pointed to my picture, which is beside the display. We had a good laugh…he bought it…I signed it. Yes, I made about five dollars, but the fact that someone else enjoyed something that I enjoyed creating…that’s one of the really cool things about having a book.


2 comments on “I’M A GEEK…

  1. Denise says:

    That must have been a moment to remember……watching someone read your book… So cool

  2. grafixp2012 says:

    It is. It’s happened a few times now but it’s still one of those feelings that’s tough to describe.

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