The above photo shows my poster for “White Wolf Moon” in the window of a Kamloops bookshop. I’ve spent the last twelve years of my life sorting, shelving, and selling books there. Now I have my own book in the store. Ironically one of the signs beneath my poster was put up at about the same time. A further irony is that At Second Glance Books is featured as a scene in “White Wolf Moon”.
Is this an example of one door closing and another opening? If so, it’s a lousy example.
A bookshop closing, any bookshop, is sad. It’s easy to say “well, it’s just testament to the times and the technology…time to move on…” but having been behind the counter and experiencing the social atmosphere of a bookshop I can tell you it isn’t that easy. Bookshops are where people meet, compare notes on titles or authors and, more importantly, interact with each other…and the staff. It’s a true social network, one on one, face to face.
I have become friends with some of the regular customers and the news we would be closing the doors has fostered some pretty emotional responses. The obvious first question is ‘why?’ and while there may be many answers we could offer, the simplest and most accurate is…it’s time.
There will always be books, real books, and there will always be some courageous individual behind the counter of a small bookshop tucked away on some side-street. I, for one, will be seeking them out.
I’m getting ready to head to work. I’ve just seen a copy of the Downtown Echo, a local newspaper. A week ago they ran an article about the store closing…today I’m looking at the front page…the full front page. There I am, photo and all, promoting my book.
One door closes….

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