By starting this blog I find myself being dragged backwards into the 21st Century. It’s not that I dislike technology…I just don’t understand a lot of it. I’m getting there though.
Thankfully most, like WordPress, offer an easy way to get your feet wet, one toe at a time. I think I’ve got the “White Wolf Moon” facebook page sorted out, now to see what damage I can do here.
I was one of those people that bought a hand-held calculator when they first came out. Even though I really didn’t need a calculator I thought they were cool. I think it was from Radio Shack and it had a red LED readout that could light up an entire darkened theater. I remember I’d punch in a lot of numbers then press one button to find the square root. I was amazed at how quickly this was accomplished even though I had no idea if it was the right answer. I’d test it by punching in 9 and it got that one right every time so I have to assume it was correct on the other numbers.
I’ve looked at many blogs and have seen some pretty interesting features and I wonder if I can do that. So I click on my dashboard and, of course, I can. I just have to figure out how. Yes I know about the ‘help’ feature but I’m a guy…I don’t ask for directions unless I end up in a field surrounded by lonely cattle.
Beginning this process with the setup page I discovered a new language. RSS, widgets and the like. The two I recognized were dashboard and mobile although I always thought a mobile was something you didn’t want to be in during a tornado. Obviously I figured out the dashboard and I know now that the mobile is my cell phone except…I don’t have a cell phone. While I’m sure I will have one in the near future I see no real need for one now…unless I end up in a field surrounded by lonely cattle.
So here it is…my second actual blog. The basics are worked out. I’m a bit more comfortable with the process now and I’ve already met some interesting people.
This is good.


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