Ahh so tech un-savvy I be…yet here I am writing my first blog post. I remember as a kid I’d sit at my desk and write on heavy yellow pulp paper with a pencil the size of a mare’s leg. Now I’m sitting on my couch with a laptop. I’ve seen more changes over the last sixty-something years than I care to think about.
The main purpose of this blog is to promote my first book “White Wolf Moon” but there will be more to it than that. To focus solely on “White Wolf Moon” without touching on the philosophies and experiences that led to the creation of the book would amount to shameless self-promotion without substance…and that just won’t do.
As I sit here staring at the screen I realize that this blog is an extension of me. It is my forum, my soapbox if you will. It’s all very new, strange, and exciting…which brings us to my first topic:
Yes, it’s cliché but it’s an old saying that has merit.
I was asked how many books I would have to sell in order to consider “White Wolf Moon” a success. To me it’s already a success. Certainly a large number of downloads and hard copy sales would be nice but that’s a different level of success. As with everything in life it’s important to stop and appreciate each little “hurrah” along the way. A child’s first crawl, first steps, first flush, first day of school, first date…all notable for the parent, successes for the child. For “White Wolf Moon” the initial success was the completion of the manuscript…the second success was getting it published. I consider the first time I saw it on Amazon and the first time I got results by Googling my name and the title to be successes. The carton of hard copies delivered to my house and that first book sale and signing are each successful moments for me.
But the first time I held a hardcover copy of “White Wolf Moon” in my hands is the one moment that is permanently ingrained in my memory. To see my photograph on the cover of my own book in my hands…words just can’t describe that feeling.
Writing a novel is a long and arduous task. You have to take it word by word, sentence by sentence. Great writers and not-so-great writers do the same thing. There’s no secret technical formula…just inspiration, perspiration, and the God-given or learned talent to convey your creativity by laying words to paper. Bringing stories and characters from an abstract notion to a concrete and very real hardcover copy is a winding path fraught with frustration and doubt, ups and downs. In the end it’s all worth it, especially if you’ve stopped and appreciated all the little “hurrahs” along the way. Will it sell a million copies? Probably not, but that’s also not the important thing.
As Evan Morris, the lead character in “White Wolf Moon” says in discussing his songwriting ability: “I realize now that my musical attempts are not the means to an end, they are the end…the goal. I’m not very good at it but it really doesn’t matter. It’s for me and that’s why I do it. Over the years I’ve let it slip and now I see what I’ve been missing. Not just the music but all that goes with it…the peace, relaxation, and the magic of creation…the little things. It’s all about making music, good or bad, that reaches into the mind and soul of the composer to take him to another place. If other people can appreciate the journey then that’s good too…but it still comes down to the simple selfish joy of creation.”
This could just as easily apply to writing that first novel.


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